Beer Meets Business

Practical Lithuanian language course: Lithuanian business and colloquial language


Lithuania has become an international player and attracts many specialists from around the world. When foreigners start learning the Lithuanian language, they face difficult grammar with all the declinations, exceptions and many other rules. Simply speaking, Lithuanian is a hard language and the regular grammar-based methods do not really motivate foreigners to keep on learning.

For us at Eurotradus, as a multilingual translation and communication company, languages are our daily bread. Indeed, Lithuanian is one of our most demanding languages. We speak, write, translate and if needed sing in Lithuanian. Now we have also started teaching Lithuanian based on a practical approach – as a business and an everyday language.


Are you staying in Vilnius for several months or years and want to learn Lithuanian, which is useful in your office? Is your aim to understand your Lithuanian colleagues and the whole business environment in the Baltics? Would you like to make some new business partnerships and meet new friends? Are you lacking motivation for regular language classes? Our course is designed to help you to achieve your goals: learn business and colloquial Lithuanian in a learner-friendly environment with non-typical methods.

  • We will start in the modern meeting room of Eurotradus, where we learn and practise office etiquette (address: Šiaulių g. 10, Vilnius).
  • The next class will be held in a bar, as business is made also in a “cosy” atmosphere.
  • Our third class will take place on the streets – we will interact with the local people in Vilnius.
  • The fourth meeting will be a “language cooking course” in our office kitchen: you will learn Lithuanian while cooking a traditional dish because learning with an empty stomach isn´t very effective.
  • During the fifth class we will make you literally sweat: all together we’ll feel the heat of the sauna, since Lithuanians are sauna enthusiasts.
  • The sixth lesson will deal with traditional Lithuanian handcraft along with language skills related to it.


The Lithuanian language course is temporarily on hold due to the coronavirus quarantine.


340 € + VAT

If you have any questions, please contact us by email or phone +370 5 261 3853.